Vehicle Wraps

How it works?

Vehicle wraps are a long-term, cast film designed for solid color vehicle detailing, decoration and full wraps without the need of additional graphic protection. The film is placed about 5 to 15 mm around the edges, so the original color of the vehicle when opening the trunk or the doors can be seen. As a rule, these areas are also glued only at special request in such a way that the original color is no longer recognizable at any point in the vehicle. These vinyl films are sold in 1.52 m wide rolls, allowing almost any section of a vehicle to be wrapped without seams. The application of the wrap allows you to change the vehicle’s appearance in a very short period of time and in turn allows you to remove the wrap, returning the vehicle back to its original condition if necessary.


  • Paint protection
  • Individual design that is quickly interchangeable and cheaper, in contrast to a personalized paint job or an airbrush, for example
  • Cheaper than vehicle paint
  • Scratches can be repaired very quickly, since only parts of the film need to be replaced
  • Short downtime for business vehicles

Duration of time to complete

As a rule and depending on the size of the vehicle foliation takes 4 working days. The first day includes only the thorough and careful cleaning of the vehicle. The second and third working day are used for wrapping. The fourth day is necessary so that the film settles at a uniform temperature in the vehicle hall and obtains its final strength. After about 24 hours a follow-up inspection is performed and if necessary, any touch up work is made.

What it will cost?

As with most of our services, it is very difficult to offer a package deal. Also, the type of film and vehicle size play a role in pricing. We therefore ask you to please contact us and let us advise you personally. This can be done either by e-mail or by using our contact form.

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