Graphic or Decal wraps

Which forms of Graphic or Decal wraps are there?

Graphic or Decal wraps includes all forms of wrap designs. From the so-called classic rally stripes on the Moto hood and the roof, to the purposeful refinement of exterior mirrors, the rear spoiler or the entire bonnet. However, a graphic or design can also be applied in digital printing, individual vehicle ornament, which is applied as an alternative to a conventional airbrush.

Your advantages

A personal touch for your vehicle or a unique eye-catching look for an otherwise off-the-line production car. In addition, your paint is protected at the foiled areas and it is much cheaper than painting vehicle parts in a conventional manner.

Duration of partial foliation

Unfortunately, this can not be answered without precise details and dimensions of the film. For example, if you only refine 2 rearview mirrors, you will get your vehicle back the same day, but if it involves digitally printed large-area bonded motifs, this can take several working days.

What will this cost me?

That will vary by many factors, set the size, design and vehicle size. Please contact us via the contact form , by e-mail or directly on the phone so we can give you a quote based on your design and vehicle.