Window tinting

How it works?

Window tinting film is a thin laminate/film that is installed to the interior windows of your car. We cut each application to the specific vehicle prior to applying an adhesive to insure proper fit. We offer a variety of Tints levels and UV protections 


  • Privacy protection ( others can not see inside your vehicle)
  • UV protection (protects your vehicles interior from fading due to exposure from the sun and your sun from ultraviolet rays)
  • Heat protection
  • Optical enhancement
  • Window tinting looks cooler

Duration of the window tint

Generally the duration is one working day. You leave your vehicle in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon. Once completed we will inspect the tint 2-3 weeks after the application has settled to insure the film has bonded correctly. If needed corrections are made at no additional cost to you. This increases the longevity of the application and the protection to your vehicle.

What it will cost?

Depending on the vehicle and the type of tint the price will vary. Please contact us and get a free quote. Click here for the contact form.